Public transport in Bangkok (taxi, bus etc.)

Public transport in Bangkok

Public transport in Bangkok is very easy to use by anyone.

1. Taxis.

The best way of traveling around Bangkok.. Taxis are incredibly cheap in the capital of Thailand – the longest route from the airport to the hotel (about 18 miles) costed me 300 bahts ($8).

As you can easily calculate, for 3 miles you will pay about $2-4 (depends on the traffic) .

Traveling in a group (2, 3 or 4 people) is the best because you share costs on all of you. In addition, the cars are air-conditioned and sitting there is a really nice break from the heat outside.

TIP! Drivers rarely speak English. You need to have a map with the exact place where you want to go.

Even giving exact address (e.g. the address of hotel) does not guarantee that the driver will take you to the right place. Taxi drivers in Thailand do not use GPS navigation, so they drive from what they remember. If you want to go to not popular place, you can expect that the driver will simply get lost.

Always take taxi with the words ‘Taxi Meter’ on the roof.  You need to ensure that the taxi man turn on the taximeter before driving. This will help you avoid troubles and the total cost will be clear.

2. BTS Sky Train – Overground train.

Tickets cost depend on the length of the route- from 15 bahts ($0,50) to 45 bahts ($1.50) one way.

There are no discounts  and you have to buy tickets from the vending machine .

If you do not know what ticket you need to buy, just ask cashier. He will change your money and tell you how many bahts you need to pay in a machine.

It is also possible to purchase one-day ticket for 120 bahts ($4) and enjoy an unlimited number of trips during the day.

If you want to stay longer in Bangkok, you can buy 30 -day tickets:
– For 15 trips (use within 30 days)  it costs 375 bahts ($13).
– For 25 trips (use within 30 days) it costs 575 bahts ($19).
– For 40 trips (use within 30 days) it costs 840 bahts ($28).
– For 50 trips (use within 30 days) it costs 1000 bahts ($33).

BTS is open from 6.30 am until 23.50 at night.

3. MRT subway.

It is connected with BTS at Asok station. MRT subway will help you to get to places where BTS doesn’t go (e.g. Chinatown).

The cost of one- station driving is 15 bahts ($0,50). Each new station costs 2-3 bahts more ($0,06 – 0,1). Maximum you can pay is 40 bahts ($1,3).

Children and elderly have a discount and pay about half of a regular ticket.

4. Tuk tuks.

Mini cabs – a truly oriental vehicles!

The best is to travel a short distance by them- for longer routes choose a traditional taxi.

You set the price directly with the driver and it depends only on our capacity to bargain how much you will pay.

5. BMTA Buses.

Buses are directed primarily to the natives, so for us-tourists- it’s very hard to catch them. However, this is by far the cheapest form of transport.

For those who are interested,  check out the page where there are tips on how to safely travel by bus in Bangkok.

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