Phuket – The worst place in Thailand

Phuket is definitely the worst place I have been to during my 3 week stay in Thailand!

Commercial, expensive, completely unattractive. Sure – if you are interested in All Inclusive holiday in the tropics, Phuket is a good choice.

If you want to feel the atmosphere of the real Thailand, meet the locals, see beautiful places, unspoiled nature – stay away from Phuket .

Why Phuket sucks…

I was very disappointed with this place, so I run away from there after 2 days . Within such a short stay, I was cheated a few times. Thai people are generally honest, smiling and friendly but those in Phuket are mostly spoiled by tourists.

The first example – the guy who drove me to the island stopped at the station and announced to all passengers that we have to pay him 100 bahts ($3) per person – then everyone will be driven to their hotel . However, if someone does not pay him, he will left him 5 miles from the bus station where he should leave us according to the ticket which I bought. I was disgusted because I specifically booked a hotel 980ft from the station .

Another example – I was in the restaurant and ordered 2 fruit shakes . Price for 1 drink was 35 bahts ($1) . Surprisingly, I received the bill on… 120 baths ($4 ). I said that it was probably a misunderstanding and asked for a menu to prove that the bill is flawed .


The waitress brought… another card, where one shake costs 60 baths ($2) . I was  shocked… After a long conversation, I managed to get out of the restaurant by paying 70 baths ($2,5) . The whole situation was very unpleasant.

Some beaches in Phuket actually are nice, but it’s really better to go for a lovely holiday on Koh Phangan or Koh Tao island.

To sum up- Phuket is definitely overrated !

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