Loch Ness Cruise- Best Travel Tips

Best travel tips for the Loch Ness cruise .

How to get there?

The best is to get there by car.

If you prefer public transport, take a bus from neighboring Inverness. It leaves directly from the Bus Station but you can get in on the other stops too. Just wave to the driver and he will stop.

Bus direction in Fort William. Click to see full Stagecoach Bus timetable.

At the summer it is also possible to take a cruise on Loch Ness directly from Inverness (Tomnahurich Bridge).

Unfortunately, I was  in Scotland in December, so I had to go to Clansman Hotel Harbour.


The company which organize Loch Ness cruises is Jacobite.

They have variety of tickets and trips to choose. Prices start from £13.50 per person.

Loch Ness Cruise

It was foggy and rainy day when I was on the ship. I didn’t see much.

The ship is really comfortable. It has free WiFi and the guide is telling about Loch Ness by the loudspeaker.

It’s really warm inside. If you want to take good pictures, you can go upstairs. There’s no roof or walls in there. The only problem is rain!

And, which was really sad I didn’t see Nessie :(.

There are special machines on the ship though. You can watch what’s underneath the water on an ongoing basis. 

Loch Ness monster didn’t show up to us. Maybe you will have better luck.

Urquhart castle.

If the weather is good- it is worth to leave the ship and visit Urquhart castle. They say the view from the hill is amazing.

If it is rainy and foggy- do not bother going there. You will see nothing.

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