Energetic Hongkong sightseeing

Energetic Hong Kong sightseeing

There are 3 kinds of cabs in Hong Kong, each in different color, depending on where it goes.

Red taxi is the most expensive but it goes almost everywhere- to New Territories, Kowloon, Hong Kong Island, Lantau and Disneyland.

Green taxi is cheaper and it goes almost everywhere on New Territories and to Disneyland.

Blue taxi is the cheapest, it goes to selected parts of Lantau and Disneyland. I have never seen such a demarcation before, but I really liked it.

Hong Kong attracted me with its energy- this city lives 24 hour/ day.  There are always a lot of people on the pavements and cars on the streets. For me, this city also has a characteristic smell- heat combined with Chinese food.

Hongkong, despite the fact its Chinese for so many years, is different from other parts of China. You can see that it was managed by British for almost 100 years. Many people speaks English, there are a lot of European everywhere. It’s the only Chinese city where cars ride in left- hand traffic.

Hong Kong has different law than other parts of China, almost every Chinese dream to have Hongkongese passport.

Close to the airport, there is an Outlet with designer and really cheap clothes. For example-the original set of female lingerie costed about $30. Clothes, bags, shoes etc. in Hong Kong are cheap and high- quality.

Below there’s a list of paces worth seeing in HK.

1. Victoria Peak

There’s a special tram going to the peak. When you are on the top, you can see beautiful view on the city,  it took my breath away! Unfortunately I didn’t take my camera with me, so I can’t show you this on the pictures.

If you want to see some awesome photos from Hongkong, click here.

2. Kowloon Symphony of Light Show

Show takes place everyday, it’s in English or Chinese (depends on day). It’s really impresive! I couldn’t make a picture of lasers because my camera was to weak. I am uploading the view from Kowloon, from the place where show takes place instead.

3. Lantau Island and Big Buddha Statue

If you want to see Big Buddha statue, you have to catch Ngong Ping Cable Car.

Cabin of the cable car is designed for 4-6 people. It appears to be very unfortunate for me, we were locked in one cabin with Chinese family. Mum, who was holding baby on her lap, was burping loudly time after time. It was really disgusting, especially that this cabin was really small and we have nowhere to hide.

This is the cultural difference- for Chinese burping is normal but for me it was kind of traumatic. View from the cabin is fabulous – Buddha Statue is huge, but it wasn’t impressive for me.

4. Madame Tussauds Museum of Wax

Madame Tussauds and her wax figures are famous all over the world. I don’t think it’s necessary to explain what it is 🙂

If you have never been in Madame Tussauds’s museum- you need to go there! Wax figures seems to be alive, it’s really amazing!

5. Shenzhen- Window of the World

If you have plenty of time in Hong Kong, you can get a visa and go to Shenzhen (it takes 1 hour by bus or car to get there) to see the miniature park called the Window of the World. The park is huge and beautiful- you can see every famous buildings and places there- pyramides, the Eiffel Tower, the Grand Canyon etc.

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