Christmas Market in Krakow

Christmas Market in Krakow

The best tips for visiting Christmas market in Krakow .


From the end of November until the end of December, open everyday.


Krakow’s Rynek Glowny (Market Square), just next to Sukiennice and Mariacki Church.

What to eat and drink?

1. Grzaniec Galicyjski (Hot wine)

It’s just awesome! I love Grzaniec Galicyjski and it’s just the best wine I’ve ever drunk. It’s so much better than hot wine in Paris.

Grzaniec Galicyjski is wine with spices (cloves, dried plums, cinnamon and more). Price per glass is 8PLN (less than $3)

It’s always sold in portable barrel-shaped shops .

Remember to drink everything at Christmas Market. Don’t take in somewhere else because it’s forbidden to drink liquor in public in Poland.

2. Bigos and pierogi (dumplings)

These are the most famous Polish dishes.

The main ingredient of bigos are cabbage and meat. Each chef adds something more to it (onion, dried prunes, tomatoes etc.)

Bigos is really delicious and so satiating! You need to try it.

Pierogi are well-known all over the world. These are dumplings with different filling. The most popular are:

  • pierogi ruskie (dumplings with cottage cheese and potatoes)
  • pierogi z mięsem (dumplings with meat)
  • pierogi z kapustą i grzybami (dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms)

Of course there are thousands of types of pierogi (f.e. with spinach, with buckwheat, with blueberries etc.)

Pierogi are incredibly tasty.

3. Meat

There’s variety of meat at Christmas Market in Krakow.

The best and the most popular is Polish Kielbasa (sausage) with mustard and bread.

It’s cheap, traditional and very good!

All meats at Christmas Market in Krakow are grilled.

In my opinion it is also worth try to knuckle of pork, pork neck or chicken leg.

What to buy?

There are plenty of things to buy at Christmas Market in Krakow.

You can purchase clothes, bags, jewelry, hand-made Christmas decorations etc.

What to do?

There’s so much to do it Krakow!

Close to Rynek Glowny is Galeria Krakowska, where you can find another, smaller Christmas Market and icerink.

Another option is to go for a walk to Kazimierz and just admire the beauty of this amazing city.

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