Buffalo – The sleeping city

Buffalo – The sleeping city

I was in Buffalo for only one day but I really liked this city.

A little sleepy, quiet, calm. It is located right on the U.S. and Canada border, and it seems that this waypoint is a little underestimated by tourists.

I were surprised that trams on the ground are free in this city. When a train enters a tunnel-you should buy a ticket. However, if you travel a short distance on the ground, there is no need spend a penny.

From Buffalo, you can quickly go to Niagara to see Niagara Falls. However, I decided to see the famous waterfall from the Canadian side.

If you want to see everyday life of normal Americans, Buffalo is ideal for this. There are hardly any tourists in this city, so you can easily observe how local people behave, what they do and how they spend time.

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