Best Countries for Dental Implants – All You Need to Know

Best Countries for Dental Holidays – All You Need to Know

Finding dental implants abroad is one of the booming reasons for tourism in the recent years, thanks to the availability of numerous dental holidays to choose from.

In the U.S.A and in some parts other of the globe, healthcare is a tad expensive and dental services are usually out-of-pocket. Dental implants cost abroad are notably cheaper than in the states.

In fact, booking a flight abroad may just be cheaper than having dental implants. While one can enjoy breathtaking views and book tours showcasing a place’s wondrous sceneries, it is also fitting to take advantage of getting dental vacations while at it.

Looking for dentist abroad needs not to be a hassle. With the availability of medical  services offering cheap dental work abroad prices boosts a portion of a country’s tourism. There are many countries offering best dental implants in the world and you need not to look farther. Here’s a list of the countries which offer the best dental implants abroad and all the things you need to know about it.


In Southeast Asia, Thailand leads in being the cheapest place to get dental implants. Typically, dental holidays service peg at $746 with leading experts in dentistry at the helm of the treatment. Thailand’s dental travel services are considered at par with the U.S and U.K standards with Australians, Canadians, and Americans as their top visitors.

thailand holidays dental


Mexico is considered as one of the best countries offering dental implants abroad. People in California and in near states of prefer getting dental vacations packages here as it is just a drive or a single flight away.

Dental tourism prices here costs over $750, with a bonus travel opportunities to resort towns like Cancun, Cabo San Lucas, and Puerto Vallarta. Canadians are also one of the top visitors of Mexico when it comes to overseas dental work.


As Turkey builds itself as a melting pot of the old and the new, it also slowly carves its name as one of the best countries for dental implants in the world. While enjoying the rich culture and tradition set in the country, make the most out of the trip with dental work abroad services offered by world-class Turkish dentists. The usual price of dental implants overseas package in Turkey starts at $575 or €550.

turkey dental holidays

Costa Rica

Costa Rica calls on millions of tourists each year for its pure, satisfying destination that spell relaxation and happiness. Many know that this country is also running as one of the cheapest country for dental implants in South America what with its quality yet affordable services. Both public and private hospitals and medical institutions here always keep up with new trends and technology which makes it an opportunity for visitors to avail of cheapest dental implants abroad while on vacation leave. Compared to the United States which pegs over $ 3,000 per tooth, Costa Rica offers dental abroad services as high as $ 1,000.

costa rica dental holidays


Tourism is high in Colombia for many reasons. Aside from cementing its name as a retirement haven, it is also known to becoming a medical hub for tourists, especially for dental holidays. Healthcare is a big industry in this country and this also means that medical and dental travel potentials are on the way. More and more tourists consider getting packages for dental vacations such as ultrasonic cleaning for as low as $150.

Teeth implant abroad prices in Colombia also plays in the same range. With this, it can be considered as one of the cheapest country for dental work.

colombia dental holidays


Likewise, Nicaragua is becoming one of the cheapest places for cosmetic dentistry abroad for its inexpensive but world-class health and dental implants overseas care.

According to dental tourism reviews, no need for insurances, overseas dental travel packages with services of porcelain crown and cleaning routine cost can be out-0f-pocket for as low as c$25 to up to $200. This makes them in the list of the cheapest dental implants in the world.

nicaragua dental holidays


For dental tourism Europe area, Spain leads being one of the best country for dental tourism. While it is known for its high-quality dentistry industry where one can probably find the cheapest dentist in Europe, it is also considered affordable compared to other dental travel promos. Dental holiday packages in Spain costs only $653, notably the cheapest place for dental implants apart from South America. Fellow Europeans from Ireland, Germany and in United Kingdom are frequent goers.

spain dental holidays


One of the best places for dental abroad in Europe is Poland. When it comes to dental implants abroad reviews, Poland takes the lead.

Dental tourism here are said to have stemmed from the country’s access to Western European countries as it is more affordable to get here than in the United States where healthcare is whopping expensive.

Dental implant services in Poland start as $506, with clinics having worldclass equipments to boot. Visiting Poland also need not to be a pain in the pocket. In fact, accommodations in Poland are way cheaper than its neighboring countries, which make it a top choice as best place for dental tourism.

Like hitting two birds in one stone, one can definitely make the most of out a vacation. Saving money while making the most of your investment is a reason why many prefer having dental abroad plans than availing services in their own land.

poland dental holidays

The Philippines

If you missed getting in countries for dental implants Europe area, Asia boasts of The Philippines to save you for some implant work. This tropical archipelago considers tourism as one of its driving force for its economy. And though it is a third-world country, it has quality healthcare services from selected institutions with medical offerings. They are also equipped with internationally-trained practitioners so the quality of services is considered at par with high standards. Services and commodities in this country are cheap and so are dental holidays services. Pair your dental vacation packages with a few island-hopping adventures and you are all set. Dental implants in the Philippines start at $530.

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