Friday, July 07, 2017

Cafe Loukas. Our Town's Newest Coffee House

If you live in Cavite, Naic town specifically, you probably know that our place is slowly becoming the coffee shop capital of the Philippines. I’m not sure when it started but as of the moment you can see a newly built coffee shop in every corner of this town. I kid you not. I haven’t tried some of them yet because I don’t know which one to try first. Haha.

I’ve been hearing so much buzz about this newest coffee shop in town – Café Loukas, so yep I gave it a try and went with my friend, Star. Honestly, I already expected it to be just the normal and the same coffee shop in most places offering the same variety of food and beverages, but I was wrong. It wasn’t just your typical coffee shop. From the interior then the food, no doubt it’s worth the hype.


The place is spacious enough to cater large numbers of customers and you need not to worry having to wait for your seat. The ambiance is pretty refreshing and the interior is no doubt Instagram worthy in all corners. Maybe that’s one factor why this place became popular at an instant. 

Aside from the relaxing setting, the place is well-lit and surprisingly not that too loud so this can be perfect for students having their reviews, group meetings, small talks, dates or if you’re just looking for the perfect place to unwind since they have a veranda. The place’s air-conditioned too so you'll definitely like it here. Haha.


We ordered Nachos Overload(P125), Baked Macaroni (P115), Mozzarella Sticks (P95), Frappes (P110-P120) and Carbonara (P115). You may think it's a little pricey compare to normal coffee shop, but nope considering the quantity and quality of their food :)

I am more like an appetizer person so I give more attention to starters. I’m a little amazed that their Nachos is not the usual Nachos you get on small establishments. It was unexpectedly topped with lots of cheese, salsa, chili con carne and real tomatoes. But sadly, I didn’t enjoy it because I don’t like tomatoes and salsa but I think Star did :)

For the Mozzarella Sticks, I think it was just okay but quite expensive for its price. P95 for 3 sticks of Mozzarella is kinda costly, though it comes with a marinara sauce. It’s best to consume once served and still hot. The breading is slightly thick so you’ll feel sated after the first stick. I am not that a cheese person so I don’t think I’ll order this again.

I ordered Baked Macaroni and Star had the Carbonara. I am no fan of pasta or macaroni but this was the only thing I can think of that night. Haha. I honestly can’t believe how huge the serving was. I wasn’t able to finish mine because I was already full and I’m still on my half. Macaroni was topped with creamy white sauce and cheese. It tastes good by the way! :)

Carbonara, linguine noodles with creamy white sauce, bacon and mushroom. Star said it was worthy and she liked it. Oh plus the garlic bread! I love their garlic bread! Haha. All their Pasta comes with garlic bread.

As you can see on the photos, they’re very generous with their toppings/sauce. If you don’t like it that way, make sure to inform them right before you place your orders.

For the Frappes, I had the Cookies and Cream(P120) and I think Star ordered the Vanilla Caramel (P110). The thing I love most about their frappes is that they don’t use the normal bland whipped cream frosting. I don’t like whipped cream on my drinks so I usually order fruit shakes instead of frappes but this could be an exception. Their frappe is not too sweet and just perfect to satisfy your thirst.


Service was fast. They have enough crews but take note that they won’t take your orders unlike the usual setting. Haha. You’ll have to go directly to the counter to give your orders. We weren’t informed with the house rule so we waited for someone to take our orders but no one attended to us so it took us a while to order lol. But they have friendly and attentive staff, you just have to ask :)

Café Loukas 

2nd floor Velamart Bldg., Rizal Street, Naic, Cavite
Operating hours: 11AM - 9PM 
Monday: Close
Price: P300-P500 for 2 pax

Would I recommend this place? Definitely :)

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