Thursday, June 01, 2017

32 Random Facts/Confession About Me

If you're on Twitter, you're probably aware of this game where you'll have to share random facts/confession about yourself with every like you get on the Get to know me! photo. Just random things about yourself, be it personal or whatever floats your boat.

I am honestly surprised that I gained 32 likes, meaning 32 of my followers are interested to know more about me. I thought I’ll only get 5 to 10 max only. It just so happen that my friends/followers on Twitter are very supportive of each other. 

With this thread, people will have a glimpse of you and your past depends on what you share such as the food you love, movies or books you like, pet peeves or some little dark secrets you’ve been hiding since who knows when. Also, what I like most about this thread is you get to know the people who like or love the same thing as you. It’s like finding your new bff whom you have something in common. It’s fun, you should try it :)

This is supposed to be on Twitter but I think this could be a good blog post so people who visits my blog will get to know me more.

So without further ado, here are the 32 random facts/confession about me:

  1. I am once a college instructor and have taught to 2 universities in Cavite. Teaching is one of the best jobs and one of the most tiring ever. 
  2. I don’t eat any kind of vegetables. But I love fruits. I’m not sure how long I’m going to survive but let’s see in the coming years. 
  3. I know how to read, write and understand (a little) Korean Language because I attended a Korean Class back in 2014. 
  4. I don’t know how to use makeup. Even lipstick. That’s why I’m jealous of those who can. 
  5. I am a software engineer by profession but I am more fond of web designing. I should have focused on web designing/development when I had the chance.
  6. I am a night person. I can stay awake for how long I wanted to but expect me to sleep until I recover my energy. Haha. 
  7. I was once a servant of love in a negative way. Haha. So my current relationship is the only relationship I recognize which means I only had one boyfriend my entire life and that’s Lan. My previous relationship is considered not real/counted since I didn’t feel it was or it should be. 
  8. I don’t know how to cook anything except frying. This is why I can't get married anytime soon.
  9. I love The Walking Dead, been a fan since I was in college. Watched the entire thing from beginning until they kill Glenn. I ditched the series when Negan smashed Glenn’s head. I’m so done. I just can’t take it. Haha.
  10. I’m leaving in a month or two. I can’t disclose yet the details but I am now in the midst of processing my papers.
  11. My boyfriend and I don’t celebrate monthsary or anniversary. I don’t know exactly how long we’ve been together but we started going out since 2012.
  12. I can finish a series/book in one sitting if I really like it. I've done that a lot of times and no regrets despite going to work with 0 sleep. Hahaha
  13. I am a crab addict. I can finish a bucket in one go. Hahaha. I can eat crabs everyday and I won't complain.
  14. It looks like I'm very chatty in social media but I'm quite shy in person. Only if we don't know each other personally.
  15. I want to have my own room because I love buying stuff for decoration but I can't sleep alone. Haha. I had one before but I only stay there during daytime to decorate it then at night, I move to my sisters’ room. I'm a scaredy cat like shit. My imagination is kind of crazy.
  16. I bought all my gadgets with my hard earned money. I don't ask my parents for material things since I'm already working. I pay all my bills too. And this is one thing I'm proud of myself. 
  17. I love One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer.
  18. I'm turning 26 this year and most of my friends says I look a little younger for my age or I'm just in denial that I'm too old already. I actually sometimes forget how old I am. Haha. 
  19. I am a frustrated guitarist. Haha. I used to play basic acoustic guitar when I was in HS but I stopped when I enter college. My boyfriend gave me a classical guitar last 2015 as a birthday gift but I wasn't able to use it because of work. I'd love to attend a guitar class in the future!
  20. My dream is to become a successful photographer or web designer. My love for photography is beyond words. But I'm still doubting if it'll ever happen.
  21. New York City >>> Paris. I belong to the city the never sleeps.
  22. Some of my relatives from my mother's side address me as "panget" and not by my name. This is why I have low self esteem.
  23. I don't wear dresses/shorts unless needed or if the occasion calls for it. I'm a tshirt + jeans + sneakers kind of person.
  24. If I'm PMSing, my mood doesn't change at all. I'm on my normal maldita/masungit attitude/behavior towards other things but I eat a lot like every minute. I don't cry on simple things as well or I am not that too emotional but I eat a lot lot lot HAHA
  25. GOKUSEN is my ultimate favorite JDrama and Shin Sawada is my dream boy and my first love. I mean I love Jun Matsumoto before Harry Styles and Lee Min Ho.
  26. I have a huge scar on my left leg because I got into an accident when I was in grade school. I forgot how many stitches but it's long like the size of my palm.
  27. I love the smell of my boyfriend's underarm. HAHAHAHAHA. Idk! Is it gross? OMG
  28. I am a little older than my boyfriend but he thinks maturely than me. Hoho.
  29. I don't have much trust on my skills e.g programming or designing. Idk it's just that I feel like I'm not really that good in my chosen field. Huhu
  30. I love street food like isaw, betamax, kwek-kwek, calamares etc. Hahaha. #cravings
  31. I am not a fan of phone calls. Huhu. I don't like answering calls. I'd rather text/type long ass message than talk over the phone. It makes me so uncomfortable. Huhu. The only time I want to receive a phone call is when I am applying for a job. Hahaha. 
  32. Burger >>> Pizza. I’m sorry to break your heart pizza lovers. 

And that’s it. It was too long I got tired typing all these. Haha I hope you’ve found something interesting on the things I’ve shared. Do we have something in common? :) 


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