Iloilo Escapade Day 2 and 3

On our 2nd day in Iloilo, we woke up pretty early like 4:30 to catch the sunrise. The sunrise viewing took place in the Ruins of a Spanish-colonial lighthouse. We rode the habal-habal for about 5-10 minutes. When we arrived in the lighthouse, we just settled in and waited for the sun to rise. There were already few people waiting when we got there. Some locals I believe. We only took some photos/timelapse that morning. Just a chill activity to start off the day 🙂

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Iloilo Escapade Day 1

If you know me personally you are aware that I am no fan of adventures. I don’t like trekking, long walks, running, spelunking and the likes. In short I don’t like exhausting activities. Aside from being lazy, I am more like a home buddy type and I won’t mind staying in for days or weeks. So when my boyfriend told me we’ll be going to Iloilo for 3 days and 2 nights for island hopping and some activities, I was kind of hesitant at first but since I’ve never been to anywhere apart from Luzon and never rode a plane before, I decided to give it a go.

The ticket was booked last September 2016 and we traveled to Iloilo last Friday (03032017). This tour marks a lot of firsts to our relationship. This is our first trip outside Luzon, first plane ride together, first boat ride together, first island hopping together, first spelunking and a lot more and I’m really glad we decided to go. I also met new set of friends as we traveled with Lan’s former workmates 🙂

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A Run Through Of My 2016

Over the past 12 months, a lot of things have changed – might be a good one or a roller coaster ride to some. But despite the circumstances we should all be thankful that after 12 long months, we are still here – alive and well. We ought to be thankful to all the new people that came in our lives, the old ones that decided to stay and those who have left.

January is the perfect time to get flashbacks and feel nostalgic about the things that happened during the past months. This is the period where we muse over the good times and feel a little bit sad over the hard times. We also reflect over the things we didn’t accomplish and let’s not forget the regrets that haunt us to sleep.

For the past 12 month, I can’t totally say that I did a great job except keeping myself alive. As far as I can remember, I’ve been working my ass off the entire year and ended up with empty pocket by December. You have no idea how much money I’ve spent during Christmas and New Year. I am honestly broke af right now so please adopt me, Mr. Bill Gates. Haha. But despite all that, I am so thankful for every blessing God has given me. I am so blessed for having a stable job, treasured friends and a happy and complete family.

So without further ado, let’s have a run through of my 2016…

  • My 2016 started with a creepy ride on my way home + Hendall (Harry and Kendall controversial vacation in St. Barts. I’m so sorry I’m just so attached to Harry. Hahaha.).
  • Reunited with my 1st ever students after many months of not seeing each other.
  • I started my 1st day at work for 2016 with zero sleep because I came from a long time-off. Zombified on my 1st day at work for a brand new year.

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My whys and blogging Journey

I started blogging way back 2007 using Multiply (now converted to an e-commerce site), then moved to Tumblr on 2009 then transferred to BlogSpot last year and now trying a self-hosted blog. Wow it has been 9 years! I used to be the kind of person who keeps my opinion within myself as I rarely voice out the things I want or the things I don’t. I used to keep a journal with me to record my puppy love thingys when I was in High school but wasn’t that consistent and dedicated because ever since writing is never really my thing. Until I discovered blogging.

When I registered to Multiply, I have no intention of putting my words into paragraphs. I only signed up so I can have an external storage for my growing random photos back then. It was an accident when I stumbled upon this certain profile. She writes mainly about what was happening in her life, school stories, her rants and her love story. Then one day I realized I’m slowly becoming her fanatical reader. Blogging feels like reading a book, there are main characters, unexpected twists, countless emotions and all that. You name it, it has everything and I admit I got inspired by her on why I started this thing off.

At that point I started constructing my own personal blog. Since I was inspired by her, I trailed off her footsteps and followed everything she writes. I can pass as a stalker and a copycat by that. Eeeew. It was chaotic at first because I am not a natural writer. Grammatical errors are everywhere, invalid use of punctuations and use of inappropriate words (I’m not saying I write flawlessly now, but I believe I’ve improved. Haha) I remember sharing the stupidest, shallowest, ugliest stories about my life. Recalling all these things make me wanna punch myself in the face. How immature I was back then and how embarrassing. Haha. Despite all these humiliations I’ve put myself in, I still keep on writing and continue sharing my life online up until today.

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It took me 21 days to write again. Haha. What izz the meaning of this. It’s already 2017 and I’m still having a hard time catching up with blog updates. Apologies as I’m still in the process of transferring my old blog posts to this new home and it’s a lotta work to do so please bear with me.

Anyhow, here’s what I’ve been up to lately.

  • I had my laptop refreshed a couple of weeks ago and I’m still trying to organize my files and photos. Hence the lack of updates. I lost everything including my Photoshop actions and patterns, my Lightroom’s presets, fonts and everything I treasure. I’m dying. Haha

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2017: To New Beginnings

You gotta help me, I’m losing my mind
Keep getting the feeling you wanna leave this all behind
Thought we were going strong
I thought we were holding on
Aren’t we?

You and me got a whole lot of history
We could be the greatest team that the world has ever seen
You and me got a whole lot of history
So don’t let it go, we can make some more, we can live forever

History (One Direction)

Hiiiiiiii! It’s soooo good to be back! How’s everyone? I hope you guys are doing great! Happy holidays y’all and hooray for a brand new year! 🙂

Just like my favorite lads, I went to a month long hiatus, but unlike them, I’m defo back now. I’ve missed writing and sharing my thoughts here in the interwebz ha! It took me ages to launch this new site due to some personal and technical issues. Nevertheless, I’m here now so cheers!

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The Happy List: Vol. 4

Hello guys! Apologies for the sudden idleness the past weeks as I am still recovering from having #Sepanx (Separation Anxiety) with my boyfriend. Haha. Anyway, I still have tons of pending blog posts that I’m still currently trying to finish one at a time. Sooooo how are ya? I hope you’re doing fine. 🙂

Well anyway, here’s another list of the things that made me happy recently…

  • Pillowtalk by Zayn Malik has been my default music every day since its release and I’m still so into it. And I so love The Vamps cover of it.
  • Frequent catching-ups with my college friend/classmates despite our busy schedules.
  • I started cutting off my rice intake for like a month now. I no longer eat dinner and it feels like I’m going to die anytime soon. Hahaha. Kidding. But I can feel that I’m losing some pounds even a little. So Yey!
  • Nice volleyball game with my team mates. We almost won that game okay. Haha. I was actually disappointed at first but it was a good game. I defo had fun.

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The Happy List: Vol. 3

Hi! I’ve been quite away from the blogosphere because of priorities. Wow, adulthood. Just kidding. Haha. I’m just very busy living my life and accomplishing some self-obligations. Despite being pretty occupied with nothing but purely nothing, here are some of the good things that happened to my mind-numbing life.

  • My boyfriend got me the Made in the AM Album by One Direction with Harry Styles as the front cover. Yes Harry perfect Styles. Oh my pretty pretty boy. He knows how much I’ve been eye-ing the album since its launch and we’ve gone mall and music store hopping last year but it was already sold out. There are actually 5 covers available but I was looking for Harry’s, specifically. I think it was when we got back here in Manila when he went mall hopping again to look for the said album. He said it was on the fourth mall he saw it and was the last one on the rack.

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Wishlist 2016

I’m starting off my year creating a wish list. These are merely the things I want to buy in the near future so please money come to mama! Haha. I’ve been working my ass off the entire year but I wasn’t able to save a single penny for myself. *cries a river* *starts counting how long do I need to wait for the next payday* *why am I so poor?*  *I accept freelance work jsyk*

 *cough* Paging Santa Clause, Fairy God Mothers and Magicians out there. *cough*

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The Happy List: Vol. 2

Hello!!! Hi!!!

Did I use too many exclamation marks there? Am I that too excited to publish this? Haha. Well anyway, there were lots of good things that happened to me the past weeks and I’m so excited to list them down here. Let’s cut the introduction and let’s get on the list!

  • I FINALLY HAVE MY OWN DOMAIN and I’m very happy to have it just before the year ends! I always wanted to have one since my Tumblr days and it’s finally happening! Thanks to for my domain name! I bought mine for only 350Php a year! What a steal! I suggest if you’re planning to get your own domain, get yours from them. Definitely no regrets! (I don’t get paid for this. Haha)

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